Charles Me - Child-Like Philosopher

When I broke up with Tim after being with him for about 6 years, I tried to be very careful about rebounding. Rebounding is a sure way to destroy a relationship that might actually have potential under normal situations. I found group activities to get involved in - Mensa, the SCA, etc. One person I ran into in the summer of 1993 who was in both groups was Charles M, who had a studio apartment near Boston.

While Tim had been very focussed on work, going out at night and spent little time with me, Charles was not much into work at all and had a very laid-back, playful attitude. He was quite happy going out to SCA weekends, going to dance practice, and in essence adjusting himself around my schedule. He enjoyed playing with James a great deal, something Tim hadn't done. Where Tim would play a Ninja Turtles video game and insist on trouncing James ("to teach him about the real world"), Charles would play more at James' level and give him a reasonable level of competition.

This was very refreshing and wonderful for a while. Charles was very much into philosophy and I really enjoyed our discussions and his viewpoint on life. Charles was smart and very open-minded. But as time wore on, it became more and more clear that Charles was just a little *too* laid back and child-like for me. He didn't tend to think about consequences very much. One time he put my friend Sue's cats on a spinning chair and spun them around in circles, upsetting Sue and the cats greatly. At another party he nearly caused a fire by playing with candles. He had a great child-like fascination with the world but wasn't always considering what he was doing.

In the end I had to draw away from Charles, and hopefully he has found another free spirit to wander through life with.

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