Lisa Shea - Audio Book Listing

I'm an enthusiastic fan of audio books. We listen to them frequently during our drives down to Virginia Beach, up to Maine, around Alaska, and all sorts of other places. We as a rule only get unabridged (although one or two abridged [A] have snuck in here). Why? Novels are written in a certain way by the author. I would rather not to hear a version with random chunks missing.

This list just has our actual cassette tape books. We now have hundreds more using Audible, in electronic form.

Hitchiker's Guide to the GalaxyDouglas Adams Funny and off-beat. Spoiler - the secret to life is 42!
The Restaurant at the End of the UniverseDouglas Adams More bizarre
Life, the Universe, and EverythingDouglas Adams More bizarre
So Long and Thanks for All The FishDouglas Adams Yes, more bizarre
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective AgencyDouglas Adamsinvalid ending
MarsBen Bova Seems quite plausible
How the Irish saved Civilization [A]Thomas Cahill Quite interesting read!
Orient Express/Death-Nile/Blue Train Agatha Christie BBC productions, not great for the car. Not "novel reading" but "productions"
Hunt for Red OctoberTom Clancy Great military (sub) drama
Sherlock HolmesSir Arthur Conan Doyle Timeless classics
The OdysseyRobert Fagles Incredibly translated
Eye of the NeedleKen Follett Drama in WWII
Battlefield Earth [A]L. Ron Hubbard Very good futuristic sci-fi, barely abridged
The Sisters and GraceJames Joyce Short stories about Ireland
Garrison Keillor Down-home tales
Jungle BooksRudyard Kipling Childrens stories from India
TickTockDean Koontz Scary stuff
The Matarese CountdownRobert Ludlum Read the first one before this
1917? Llwellyn About the Irish revolution
RebeccaDaphne du Maurier Old English drama
NocturneEd McBain New York copy story
Angela's AshesFrank McCourt True sad Irish childhood
Fifth ProfessionDavid Morrell American & Japanese bodyguard adventure
Walking ShadowRobert B. Parker Spenser for Hire!
PasttimeRobert B. Parker Spenser examines his past
Thin AirRobert B. Parker Spenser is moral
Chance Robert B. Parker Spenser in Vegas
Small VicesRobert B. Parker Spenser and race
Sudden MischiefRobert B. Parker Spenser and Susan's past
Dark Forces(Star Wars) Based on the game!
Dark Empire(Star Wars) More stuff in the Star Wars universe
Star Wars NPR tapes The classic
The Empire Strikes BackNPR tapes Well done!
Return of the JediVery interesting
The GodfatherMario Puzo Mob stories
The God of Small ThingsArundati Roy Drama of Indian childhood, read by GREAT Indian accented woman
The RanchDanielle Steele Sappy romance novel
Hocus PocusKurt Vonnegut Eclectic story
Charlotte's WebE.B. White Children's story about a spider
Conqueror's PrideTimothy Zahn Space Combat Epic
Conquerors HeritageTimothy Zahn Space Combat II
Guns of AvalonRoger Zelazny 2nd book of Princes of Amber
Sign of the UnicornRoger Zelazny 3rd book of Princes of Amber
Hand of OberonRoger Zelazny 4th book of Princes of Amber
Courts of ChaosRoger Zelazny 5th book of Princes of Amber
Trumps of DoomRoger Zelazny 6th book - now Merlin
Blood of AmberRoger Zelazny 7th book
Sign of ChaosRoger Zelazny 8th book
Malice Dosmestic (More, II and III)Various collection of short murder mysteries
Enchanted TalesVarious collection of childrens stories

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