The Meanings of Gemstones

Gemstones are treasured in pretty much every culture around the world, for all eras that mankind has been self aware. Numerous traditions and legends have developed around each kind of gemstone.

Amethyst - Grounding, protection from drunkenness. Treasured by the Greeks.

Carnelian - Healing and restoration. Used by Egyptians in spiritual situations

Hematite - Peace and balance. Babylonians used this for seals to sign or close documents.

Lapiz Lazuli - Friendship and honor. An ancient stone treasured by Egyptians

Moonstone - Beloved in Edwardian days, the moonstone was a sign of romance. It also brings good fortune.

Tiger's Eye - Helps to overcome stubborn problems. A traditional gem of India and Africa.

For a more complete list with photos visit my Bead Options for Origami page. Eventually I'll copy that information into this location as well.

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