Blue Origami Lotus Flower

A lotus is a type of aquatic water flower with gorgeous blooms and multiple tiers of petals. Blue represents honor and faith. Together you have a blue origami lotus flower which represents the beauty of a loyal friend and partner.

The lotus is similar to the water lily. The Sacred Lotus is the national flower of India. The lotus is mentioned both in the Bible as well as in Homer's Odyssey.

A trustworthy friend or lover is "true blue". Blue is also the color of meaningful spirituality. It represents a bond of the spirit. In traditional celtic times, blue was the color of Ireland. It is the color of the sea and of the open sky.

Here are some images of blue origami lotus flowers.

Origami Lotus Flower

Origami lotus flower

Origami lotus flower

Origami lotus flower

The finished origami lotus flower is about 6" in diameter and about 3" tall.

Price per Origami Lotus Flower:
Regular origami paper: $15
Foil origami paper: $20
Money origami lotus: $15 plus the currency cost
Money Origami currency fee

Note that for a money lotus flower you need to include the price of the actual bills with this order. A lotus is made up of 12 bills, of any denomination you wish. You can also use plain origami paper for the bottom leaves, and only eight bills.

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Money Origami Lotus Flower

Origami Lotus Flower

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