Love & Romance in Feudal Japan
Think of this as a how-to for treating your sweetheart to an elegant Japanese-style romance. It tells the tale of love in Japan ... wanders through the history of various romantic styles, explaining how they evolved through the ages.

Not only does Love & Romance discuss the interesting arts of origami, calligraphy, incense smelling and more, but it has step-by-step instructions for each technique! Clear pictures and photographs explain how to:

fold the traditional Crane origami
create a lover's knot
hold your own incense party
cook an authentic Japanese meal
sew your own kimono to wear
paint bamboo calligraphy for your own notecards

Love & Romance is written by Lisa Shea, who has coordinated a Feudal Japan newsletter for 12 years and wanted to put all of this "historical" knowledge to practical use. Her poetry, writings and technical articles have been published for 15 years. She has a special place in her heart for the Japanese lifestyle and its great romances.


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