Getting a Cheap Las Vegas Room

The Stardust is not one of the "mega hotels". It is a much quieter, little hotel - which you will see in both the decor and the price. It does have 2 pools, a casino area, restaurants, and so on. There are even special deals that run during the summer where the price drops down to $49 and you get 2 meals as well, if you can go on a weekday.

The 2 pools include a terrace pool with a bar, and a villa pool near suites. In between is a "sandstone grotto" with waterfalls and spa jacuzzis. There is a 24 hour fitness area.

There are a bunch of restaurants here, from Tony Roma's to Sushi King, from William B's for dinner-type meals to Swensen's for ice cream. They bring in acts such as Chicago and George Carlin.

Reviews say that this hotel is decent but run down - especially the East Tower. The pool area is more like a community pool vs a resort location. Again, you get what you pay for. If you want elegance and glitz, choose somewhere else. If you want a great bargain for a nice location and stay, this is a good spot for you.

All comparison prices were done on the same day for all hotels. While I can't keep this up to date each month, you will be able to see how they are priced relative to each other.

Price for Thu 8/11/05: $55
Price for Fri 8/12/05: $110

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