Getting a Cheap Las Vegas Room

The Sahara is on the strip, has a nice, 5,000 sq foot pool. They have a number of casual dining restaurants and nice oldies-style shows. This is a great balance of budget stay and reasonable experience. You have to keep in mind that you're paying very low prices, and that you're going to get very low-key decor as a result.

Reviews say that it is super cheap, and relatively clean for the price. The lines to check in are SUPER long, as you might imagine. The restaurants are very casual - Mexican, cafe, NASCAR.

All room prices were done on the same day for all hotels. While I can't keep this up to date each month, you will be able to see how they are priced relative to each other.

Price for Thu 8/11/05: $43
Price for Fri 8/12/05: $95

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