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Paris is a true theme resort in Las Vegas, with the Eiffel Tower and other Paris-style accents. This resort is about glamour, fantasy and o-la-la atmosphere :) It's right in the middle of the strip, too :) The interior is gorgeous and elegant - it feels like you're out in a small French town, with the sky overhead, shops along the edges, streetlights in the center.

There are of course many French restaurants here, as well as some elegant lounges. I really like the central lounge - a circular raised area in the middle of the casino, where you can people watch to your heart's content.

All comparison prices were done on the same day for all hotels. While I can't keep this up to date each month, you will be able to see how they are priced relative to each other.

Price for Thu 8/11/05: $129
Price for Fri 8/12/05: $199

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