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As much as Vegas has remained an adult playground with constant pressures of prostitutes and nearly-naked floor shows, Excalibur tries to remain a family friendly place. There are jousts, medieval events, the whole castle theme. The hotel is right on the monorail track making it very convenient for visiting other locations on the strip.

The decor is medieval / renaissance with lots of jewel type colors. The events are along these themes, with a tournament, stage, midway and more. For dining they have a buffet, steakhouse, pub, italian cafe, plus a regular cafe.

There are two pools, plus a 25-seat spa, water slides and waterfall plus a pool-side bar. Tower 2 is near the pool - Tower 1 is near the casino. The spa area offers a variety of massages, wraps, facials and more.

The hotel is generally great for the price - that it's a little faded, but well worth the price.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of kids and many were out of control, running loose. I really do have to warn that Vegas is not a great place for kids. There is a lot of adult stuff going on here, including of course the non-stop gambling and naked-woman stuff. Yes, if you MUST take your kids along, this is probably one of the safest places to go - but don't let them loose! Always be WITH them.

All comparison prices were done on the same day for all hotels. While I can't keep this up to date each month, you will be able to see how they are priced relative to each other.

Price for Thu 8/11/05: $70
Price for Fri 8/12/05: $140

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