Tips on Getting a Cheap Las Vegas Room

Most people going to Las Vegas are trying to balance a few forces in choosing the room. They want it to be as inexpensive as possible - but they don't want to sleep with cockroaches. They want to be close enough to the places of interest so that they can actually see them. Staying somewhere in Nevada that is cheap but an hour away from Vegas is usually not what a Vegas visitor has in mind :) Here are some ways to get the room that suits your needs.

Off Season / Mid-Week
Hotel rates fluctuate WILDLY between busy and non-busy times. A hotel room might be only $39/night on a Wednesday in the middle of blisteringly-hot August. That exact asme room might be $109/night on a Saturday in the prime-time month of March when the weather is perfect. Look at your schedule as much as you can, and try to get time to go when it's cheapest. That can literally save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by the time your trip is through.

On Strip vs Off Strip
Most people want to stay On Strip because it's where all the action is. If you're elderly or very out of shape, this might make sense for you too. But if you don't mind walking a block or two, you can see huge savings just by staying in a hotel off the main strip. Since the strip is very, very long anyway, you'll be doing some walking if you want to explore the strip. It won't really matter to you if you start that exploration ON the strip of a block or two off it.

Internet Specials
Many hotels get rid of excess rooms on the internet, giving incredible discounts from their standard published rates. Be sure to do web searches and keep a list of which websites you've checked. You can see the exact same room for the exact same day go from $50 to $100 just by looking at different websites for the price.

Use Membership Specials
Most adults belong to at least one organization - AAA, NRA, Mensa, whatever they are. Many organizations offer discount rates at certain hotels. Be sure to check with the organizations you belong to, and see what benefits you are getting. You might not even have realized that your hotel room could be cheaper.

Build a Group
If you have some friends who are interested in going to Vegas too, put together a group. If you call a hotel and say you are booking a block of rooms, they will usually give you a great discount.

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