Caesars Palace
Getting a Cheap Las Vegas Room

Caesar's Palace is NOT the place to go for cheap rooms. However, this is about the ultimate in luxury that you can find on the strip. This place has fantastic pools, shopping, casinos, you name it.

This is a true classic with timeless architecture, fantastic restaurants, and more. This is where everybody else on the strip goes to ooooh and aaaah. Yes, you pay a fair amount. But you are paying for that experience, and it really is worth it.

For dining there are many options, from Hyakumi for Japanese to 808 for Hawaiian, plus many casual restaurants and lounges.

Note that this place is HUGE, and has a gigantic shopping area, complete with statuary, giant fish tanks, giant trojan horse. Their restaurants are all fascinating and large, too.

All comparison prices were done on the same day for all hotels. While I can't keep this up to date each month, you will be able to see how they are priced relative to each other.

Price for Thu 8/11/05: $140
Price for Fri 8/12/05: $220

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