Fox's Robin Hood

Hollywood tends to do things in cycles so of course two Robin Hood movies came out at the exact same time. Since the Costner version was so huge, the Fox version only came out on TV. That was a real shame, because this was a GREAT movie that really deserved the big screen.

In it, Robin was a local landowner who was ousted by the invading Normans. He tries to take it with good grace, remaining friends with one of the Normans, but things get too much and he runs off into the forest. Marian is a wonderfully spirited woman who is willful and independent. I think she's an incredibly great job of portraying this character. In fact, all of the acting is done quite nicely in here, and I love the wit.

The costumes are gorgeous, the settings are gorgeous, and everything has that ring of "this could really have happened" to it. The characters aren't over the top. They are all set in their particular world. It makes sense.

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