Kevin Costner's Robin Hood

Sure, scoff at Kevin Costner all you want. Yes, this Robin Hood is very glitzy and new-agey and Hollowood shiny. But it's still a great deal of fun! Some of the best quotes of all time come from this movie.

Robin is sent off to prison in the crusades, and runs into a "native" there. The two return to Robin's home, where his good father has been slain. So now we get Robin, his dark friend and blind servant roaming around Sherwood. Maid Marion is his childhood friend who is very charitable. Soon they are battling against the Sheriff who is into devil worship and the dark arts.

One of the best quotes from the Sheriff is "I'm going to cut his heart out - with a SPOON!" and the whole discussion that follows. I agree that it's very odd to have Marion being a clothed-in-black ninja at first, ready to attack the enemy, but turning into a frail weakling by the end who can only screech in horror.

The costumes, while not very authentic, are quite sumptuous and gorgeous to look at. Having the whole Will Scarlett bastard situation was an interesting twist to the story.

I enjoy and like this for its entertainment, but don't watch it for any sort of "real Robin Hood experience" :)

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