Film Noir Male Heroes

I love Film Noir movies. Isn't it funny how so many of the heroes seem quite similar to each other? :)

Sam Spade - Dashiell Hammett
Most famous for The Maltese Falcon with Humphrey Bogart, Sam Spade is set in 1928, in San Francisco. He's supposed to be a "blond Satan" but the movie version has him with dark hair. In the book he's sort of a god-like super-detective who can do anything with equal ease. In the movie, Bogart felt this was his one great chance to finally be recognized as an actor, so he imbued the character with much more depth. Spade maybe loves a woman he's only met for a few days, and who has lied to him constantly? Just what does he love about her - her good body and her ability to lie convincingly?

Philip Marlowe - Raymond Chandler
I love the Philip Marlowe books and movies, including the Big Sleep. I've watched this many times. Philip "lives" in the late 30s in Los Angeles, and is a private detective on his own. He's supposed to be a tall, dark man, driven by his demons. He's not the godlike perfection of Sam. He is very aware of his own faults, and makes jokes at his own expense. He's very skilled and can get the job done, but he's not as dead-on perfect. The women he chooses to love are women with much more moral backbone. They might lie, but it is to cover for a dear sister, not to get people slain for cash.

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