Terminator 3 - Arnold Schwarzenegger

After two terminators, you knew a third one was right around the corner! In Terminator 3, John Connor is an adult and Arnie is his buddy. Sarah Connor died back in 1997 from leukemia.

The big plot hole is of course that the previous two movies had taken care of the 'future of destruction'. But Terminator 3 quickly glosses over that with a generic statement about futures always coming to pass. In any case, this movie isn't about plot. It's about wild, crazy action.

In this one, John Connor is a man on the run, saying "why me". A female Terminatrix comes from the future to slay him and his lieutenants. Arnie is sent back, ineffective as he is, to try to protect everybody. You have to ask why the resistance can't send someone better, given the upgrades the machines keep sending.

Dr. Silberman is a recurring character that shows up again, trying to counsel Kate. But the comic touches are sidebars to the long run of action.

There are gigantic crashes, car chases, gunfights and massive explosions. There are many sequences that make even hardened action fans go "Woah!"

The acting is not stellar, and the plot has quite a few holes in it. Still, this is a fun action flick to munch popcorn along with, and enjoy!

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