House MD Season 2

If you're on Season 2, then you already know what makes House shine. While other hospital dramas often have sappy-sweet doctors and soap-opera interrelationships, House is amazing because of its smart, strong characters and the interactions between them. You rarely have the "stupid administrator" who gets in the way of everything going on for inane reasons. It usually is smart person 1 with good reasons, talking with smart person 2 with equally good reasons, trying to sort out what the best solution is. The game doesn't play down to its audience - it expects its audience to pay attention and to catch all the small details.

That's why these stories are so great to re-watch multiple times, and to see in order. You see the characters growing, subtly, and relating previous experiences to current situations. These aren't the silly person-goes-from-sour-to-super-happy sitcom style changes. They are realistic, quiet, small changes, like most real humans go through. You get the sense that these characters are organic, that they learn and grow and mature.

The dialogue is just great. I could quote hundreds of lines from House that I love, and every time I rewatch the show, they still have that power. It's the interaction of bright, well educated minds, with numerous sly allusions to Moby Dick, Shakespeare, and much more.

Like with most series, it's really great to go into this without knowing ANY of the plotlines so you can experience them fresh. At least, unlike Season 1, the DVD doesn't give plots away! That's really great. It means if you haven't seen Season 2 yet, you can use the DVD without fear of getting hints before you start each episode. Be very careful when reading other reviews, a lot of them give away key plot points. I think it's fair enough to say that episodes feature patients in danger of losing their lives, and that a few of the cast members end up at risk too.

Highly recommended, whether you've never seen this season before or whether you saw it on TV and want to re-watch the episodes. Just make sure you've seen Season 1 first, so you get all the background and basis that leads up to what is happening here.

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