My Super Ex-Girlfriend

I really enjoy Uma Thurman in pretty much every movie I've seen her in. I had very high hopes for My Super Ex-Girlfriend, as I also enjoy romantic comedies. There was a huge amount of potential here, but unfortunately it didn't quite live up to its promise.

Luke Wilson is a lonely bachelor who is prodded into dating a quiet librarian type, played by Uma. It takes the first half of the movie for them to get around to dating, and for him to find out that she's really G-Girl, the local super hero. You're almost at the point of wondering why they're calling this his Ex-Girlfriend, it takes them so long to get to the break-up stage.

Once he does break up with her, because he really wants to date his co-worker instead, super-girl goes berzerk. She is insanely jealous and throws his car into orbit, makes holes in his ceiling, roasts his pet fish, brands his forehead, and much more.

I think I would have connected with the characters much more if they made them more believable, even in a cartooney world. Uma isn't just insane, she is completely out of her mind. Luke's friend is a real jerk in many situations. We did laugh at some lines, but many of the situations were incredibly obviously telegraphed, which took away from the enjoyment of them. I really appreciated the "Uma as Superman / Luke as Lois Lane" reversals they did, but it took a lot of the fun out of it for me to have the mirror of "strong, honorable superman" go up against "insane, selfish, whiny superwoman". The whole situation could have been *great* and amazingly funny, especially with Uma's talents. It's a shame it wasn't brought up to that level.

Fun for one watching, but not one I keep on my shelves.

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