Running With Scizzors

Running With Scizzors features an awesome cast. You have Annette Benning, Alec Baldwin, Gwyneth Paltrow, Joseph Fiennes, and many others. It features many fascinating, controversial topics - set in the 60s and 70s, you have gay lovers, lesbian lovers, and "unconventional lifestyles". This is normally the type of movie I would really adore, one that pushes the boundaries and looks to see what the human psyche is all about.

However, it just doesn't pan out. There seem to be many problems here. None of the characters really appeal to you. There are one or two that have redeemable qualities - but many are just out and out bad. The movie tries to get you to care for them, but they are so irresponsible and actively harmful to others that it is difficult to do.

The music is catchy, and the 70s environment is really fun to immerse in. But the dialogue and the situations start with some great core ideas - and then swirl into screams of anger and frustration at a situation that is extremely artificial. The movie really plays for laughs - but I found myself depressed during much of the film.

There are many other movies out there that talk about dysfunctional movies, that do it in more of an insightful manner. If you are interested in an evening of watching a movie and thinking "Thank God we aren't like THAT!", there are many options out there. This one is just a little too fake and deliberately harmful for me.

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