Galaxy Quest

Some movies can be watched once and enjoyed, but forgotten. Other movies can be watched repeatedly and only get more funny with each watching. Galaxy Quest definitely is a multi-watch movie!

The basic plot is that the cast of a long-gone sci-fi series is living off the fan conventions. They are sick of each other but plod on for the cash. Suddenly, a group of space aliens - who thinks these actors are real spacemen - drag them into an interstellar war. The actors try their best to help out and to overcome their petty quarrels.

The cast is stellar. Alan Rickman is hilarious as the serious alien played by a "British Actor". "I had five curtain calls," he complains while sitting at yet another fan convention. The tiny details he pulls are are brilliant. Tony Shaloub, now best known for his up tight detective "Monk", is fantastic here as the kick-back, relaxed engineer. In one scene, they land on a strange planet and he blithely sticks his head out and smells the air to see if it's safe. Talk about an anti-Monk!

Sigourney Weaver, one of the most famous actresses in the "space world" because of her Alien series, is fantastic here as the blonde, busty "talker" who was only on the show for her looks. All she gets to do is repeat the lines the computer says.

There are definitely jokes here that make more sense if you've watched shows like Star Trek. One of the guys is convinced he'll die because he's the "spare crewman" and those extras are always killed off on shows like this. In another scene, the captain wildly does shoulder-rolls to approach the enemy. The other crew-members tease him about his showing off. The "chompers" which make no rational sense on a ship, and which Sigourney complains about quite vocally.

There are just so many tiny details that you pick up on subsequent watchings. The way all the "Thermians" walk with wiggly hand movements, betraying their octopoid origins. The way the watching Thermians try to be brave and stay in place even while Laredo nearly crashes the spaceship into them. There are lines I laugh out loud at no matter how many times I've seen the movie. "Rudimentary Lathe" gets me every time :)

The DVD doesn't have many extras - but I love that they have an ENTIRE soundtrack in Thermian! You can watch the entire movie with the squeaks and squalks of the Thermian language. Just in case they're watching!

One of my favorite movies, highly recommended.

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