The Fast And The Furious

Released in 2001, The Fast and The Furious introduced us to the world of down-and-dirty street racing, with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in the starring roles.

The movie was a natural hit, with its buff guys, well-rounded women, fast cars and wild life. This isn't a movie about deep meanings and complex plots. It's a simple cop-infiltrates-gang, cop-falls-for-girl story that is pumping full of adrenaline and excitement.

The movie does give a hard-edged view into life on the edge - the extras and cars in many scenes are real street racers who bring a realism into what they do. The characters don't have backgrounds, they don't have goals, and they don't have heroes to look up to. All they have is their gang, their immediate release in the rush of speed.

As a woman who likes sportscars, I did actually enjoy much of this, and was very happy to see that there was a female mechanic on the team that was just as trusted as the rest of the guys. Only a few years ago, the girls would all be jumping on the sidelines while the guys did the driving. But this film lets a female driver blow away a male racer, and includes women who can stand on their own. Kudos for that!

A fun, escapist fantasy to blow through a rainy evening with.

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