2 Fast 2 Furious

2 Fast 2 Furious follows the story from The Fast And The Furious. The undercover cop, played by Paul Walker, has been kicked out of the police force. He's taken up street racing in Miami. When he's caught street racing, the cops bring him back in for a deal. He's to hook up with their sexy undercover agent and take down some bad guys.

Most people missed Vin Diesel in this one, although Tyrese was really good. It probably would have been incredibly good if this movie somehow was able to feature Tyrese and Vin Diesel. But instead what you get is one great actor, one pretty bad actor, and not enough racing.

There's a plot in there somewhere, and a love interst. But really the entire movie is about cars, people who drive cars, and the places those cars go. If that appeals to you, then this is a movie for your summer viewing pleasure!

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