Kill Bill - Uma Thurman Gets Revenge

Kill Bill is a VERY violent action film by Quentin Tarantino and starting Uma Thurman. As much as I normally don't enjoy violence, the acting in this is just amazing.

Uma is simply STUNNING in this movie as a woman betrayed on her wedding day. The range of emotions she shows is awesome, from her self-willing to get herself rehabilitated to her concern over the emotions of a little child. In one of the most heart-true moments of the film, Uma wakes up from a coma and realizes she has lost the child she was carrying. The pain and agony in her cry reached into my bones, and those of the woman with me. A teenage boy in the audience giggled nervously, perhaps realizing this was an emotion as yet out of his reach.

Yes, the movie is violent. There are huge fight sequences with lots of limbs slicing and heads falling off. There are anime sequences where a pedophile gets his due. You have to take those as part of the story, and look at the characters. Each one is an individual - not a perfect person, not a cardboard cutout. Each has prides and failings, has strengths and passions. Uma is out for revenge, and it's not a "pretty" revenge where she feels good after each death. There is always sorrow tinged in her achievement.

The scenes are set beautifully, and I would love to see the special features for this just to look around the areas they set up. The Japanese garden near the end, in the snow with the water-rail knocking, is simply amazing. If they do even half as well with the second half of the movie (coming out in Spring 2004) it will be something to make time to get out and see.

Highly recommended, but be ready to close your eyes a lot if you're squeamish about blood!

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