Alias Season 2

I loved watching Alias Season 1, and looked greatly forward to watching the Season DVD 2 set pretty much straight through. I was completely thrilled to find that they had kept the great smart-spy action of Season 1 - while ratcheting the emotional and cohesivity of the storyline.

Season 1 had been in many ways a "gimmick" season. You had the unrequited love of Vaughn and Sidney. You had the new-costume-of-the-day in an exotic location. You had the everybody-is-lying aspect. While all of these were fun, they could have gotten old if we went through another season of that.

Instead, I really have to give great kudos to the writing / direction team here. They made some rather sweeping plot developments that turned everything on its head. Unlike many other shows where they drag out the angst for years, they let Vaughn and Sidney really connect. They had numerous great episodes with father, mother and daughter having fantastic interplay. Other plot developments were fascinating without seeming TOO contrived.

I had complained with Season 1 that a number of situations were quite illogical. They did a *much* better job in this season of having at least some base for why the various things happened. It could all make sense. Sydney wasn't throwing tantrums. Will was INCREDIBLY more mature and someone you could relate to. As always, even the "bad guys" had texture and meaning. They weren't just demonically possessed monsters - they had reasons for what they did that made sense. You could relate to them even while disapproving of them.

Even as a benefit, their last episode commentary doesn't seem to have any spoilers in it! I had a few things in season 2 "ruined" for me because when I watched the season 1 commentary they talked about things that only happened in season 2. They didn't do that in the commentary here, for which I was quite grateful. They commentaries are a ton of fun to listen to - it's well worth it.

The cliffhanger ending was *great* - again resounding with the emotional power of this season. It was just about the perfect ending to the season - and one that definitely made me eager to immediately start watching season 3.

There's one episode in particular that actually made me tear up, because it was so incredibly poignant. That's when you know that a TV show has really portrayed its characters well, when you care so much about them and what they are going through that it affects you that deeply, emotionally.

There is one clue about a major plot point that seems to have been completely missed by EVERYONE until it's "too late" - and it still baffles me how that could have happened plot-wise. Surely as soon as all of these brilliant deductors and researchers saw the clue they would have connected the dots. Again it's hard to talk about the situation without giving away fascinating plot development. Still, that was my only real complaint with the season. I wish they'd at least given some justification for everyone not considering the clue, since it was such an important item.

Highly recommended!

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