Town Description

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RiverGlen is a peaceful, rural town with friendly people and a fresh stream running through it. It is summer, and everyone is wandering around. The players notice signs posted to every tree and building offering a reward for the capture of the evil Jar Jar Binks. The poster says to contact Mayor Hickman for more information.

You can draw a poster and give it to the players for added fun

The various townsfolk the players talk to relate various tales of the four who went after Jar Jar and were never seen - Midi, a fighter; Chlorian, his wizard girlfriend; Jim, a fighter; and Darby, a wizard.

There is a tavern called "Tavern in the Town", and a drunk there keeps moaning about, "Big, Big Cleavers ... killing all my friends ..." - it turns out this is Darby who ran from the fight.

There is also a church, supply stores, etc. The mayor offers 5000 GP reward for the capture of Jar Jar and says he was last seen to the south of town. The mayor has an annoying son named Perry who then follows them around constantly, asking if he can join them, wanting candy, etc.

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