Mine Description

The mine in general is very old, dusty, and dank smelling. Sounds don't carry very far in it - they are absorbed by the dirt and cobwebs. The players need lanterns or lights to see within the mines. Several barrels contain oil and have lanterns. Someone knocking the lanterns over will result in an explosion, killing or maiming anyone next to it.

A: Entrance Room. This has a table with a lantern on it, and is filled with supply barrels. There are two goblin guards in it (page 163, hit points 5 and 4, each has 10 gold) that will attack the players.

B: Guard Room. This room is locked from the inside but the players can hear Jim and Chlorien yelling for help. When the players break in, they'll find 4 goblins in there (hp 5,4,3,2) each with 10 gp.

C: Supply Room. Have the players find a spider (3hp) in one barrel, and random stuff (food, beer, ruby worth 8gp) in the other barrels.

D: Guard Room. One goblin guard, 3 hit points, is guarding here.

E: Bunk Room. One goblin is asleep here, 4hp, and some beds have 1-5 gold pieces under the pillows.

F: Kitchen. Lots of knives, more barrels to search, another spider (4hp) in a barrel. Food the people can take.

G: Dining Room. Lots of tables and chairs, dirty dishes everywhere.

H: Guard room, one guard, 2 hit points.

I: Chieftain's room, one orc, 7 hp, with a chest with 40 gold and wearing fine clothes. There's a tapestry on the back wall covering a passageway. Midi's dead body is here - bring it back to town to get it ressurected.

J: Jar Jar's room, Jar Jar will not really fight but hide in a corner. He will whimper the entire time they bring him back.

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