Country Description

The country is what the players go through after leaving the town, on their way to the cave where the elusive Jar Jar Binks is hiding out.

It is summer, so there are lots of foxes and squirrels, and the occasional deer, out on the dirt roads that lead from village to village. Leaving River Glen to the south, the players should travel for a few days before hitting the small Smith hamlet. Roll for random encounters of coyotes and such.

In my last game, one player was a druid - I had her keep meeting friendly rabbits that talked with her. They would later warn her of approaching spiders and so forth. She loved it.

The Smith hamlet is where a few families of blacksmiths build things for travellers. They will have weapons and armor at normal prices to sell. They know that the Old Mine, where the orcs are, can be found off the next small road to the east.

A group of three Hairy Spiders (page 326, Hit Points are 8, 8, and 9) live at that intersection where the road turns off to the mine cave. Have them do a surprise attack on the travellers when they find the turn. They have lots of treasure up in the trees.

Further past the turnoff is the Matthews hamlet, where a group of weavers and sewers live, making clothes. If they players reach that, they're told to turn around. Even further on is the seaport of Portsmouth, which is larger than RiverGlen.

The roads are all open and sided by forests. You can hear the river from the road but usually can't see it. As the players turn on to the road to the mine, it turns more swampy and icky. The mine itself is built into the side of a mountain.

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