This is the sound level, every room is quite loud with whatever the sound is. Note for each room you shouldn't "say" what the sound is (don't say "and you hear cats meowing") ... instead, make the noises and make the characters guess.

This room is black and gold, with black and gold marble tiles on the floor, fancy scrollwork on the ceiling, and beautiful paintings on the walls. There is a loud fanfare of trumpets, and a very fancy, big golden pedestal. If the players put the trumpet charm on the pedestal the music stops.

This room is grey and murky, with all sorts of coffins and tombs. There is the sound of ghosts moving around the room, and a big stone pedestal in the middle. Put the ghost on the pedestal, the sounds stop.

This room is full of trees and bushes, grassy and lit. The sounds of cats meowing fill the room. In the center is a big green tree stump. Use the cat charm.

This room is like a sandy island with palm trees and coconuts. The sound of jungle drums comes from all around. There is a big round rock in the middle - use the drum charm.

This room is like a church with wood and stained glass, and a big altar in the middle. Gentle bells dong around the players. Use the bell charm.

This is an oriental garden with bonsai trees and a stream running through the middle. There's a pretty red arched bridge, and butterflies. The room carries the sound of gentle harp / water plinking. There is a tiled area in the center of the room. Use the fountain charm.

Once all rooms are quiet, a big door opens in the back room with a small closet behind it, with the key tied to a note which says:
"mine mine mine you can't have it!!"

The group should bring the key back to Diane, who gives them the cash. They can keep anything else they found. She opens the chest to find boxes and boxes of ant eater food. She thinks perhaps she'll open a zoo/museum.

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