The Five Senses: Level 1

This is the "colors" level. Find the rod of each color to fill the rainbow at the back room and get to the next level.

The entrance to "The Cave" is very small - a 4' x 4' door, with mystic words on it. Walter can read it (or one of your characters, if he's not along):


It's not even locked, just tied shut with string.

The hallway is lit with magical circles, and has blue and white tiled floor. Each door is it's color and made of strong wood, and barred from the outside (i.e. on the characters' side).

The yellow room has a yellow hay floor, with a grate beneath it (like in a barn). Across the back is a yellow fence with round posts and rod cross-pieces, and behind it a lovely mural of rolling fields.

Six yaks are in here, munching on the hay. Each has a gold necklace around it's neck. It's up to you if they attack or are placid, and how much the necklaces are worth if the characters try to remove them.

This room has orange shiny tiles all over the floor and wall. The walls have blue waves painted in spots. In the middle of the room is a 3' high, 20' wide glass tank with six big octopi in it. There are and a bunch of plants in the middle with little fish swimming through the plants. There's a little building for the fish, made of orange rods. Outside the house is an orange topaz statue of Neptune.

This room has red brick floor, walls, and ceiling. There are barred "windows" in the walls, that really just look at paintings of beautiful ocean landscapes. The bars are red. In the room are three bunk-beds and size rogues. The rogues are in red prison uniforms and are furious for being locked up. Each wears a matching ruby ring.

This room has a soft purple carpet and the walls are done in shades of purple, with darker objects like trees. There are a few low bushes, and a medium-sized box with purple rods around the entrance. There is an amethyst watering dish against one wall that water flows into, and then into a hole in the ground. There are six porcupines in here.

This room has old green stones on the ground, covered with mold and lichen. The walls are also stone, covered with green slime. A green jungle-gym is in one corner, made with green rods. There are six young ghouls in here, and they have an emerald that they play catch with.

This room has blue flagstone floor, very intricately done with black grouting. The walls are painted like a big meadow with fluffy, white clouds. There are six bugbears in here, each with a sapphire necklace on. Around the edge of the room is a blue round edging.

This room is very large, and has a long stream running through it's middle. It has big grassy spots, and big trees, and the walls are painted like this is a big island surrounded by water.

On the back wall is painted a big rainbow, with a hole in each of the colors - yellow, orange, ruby, blue, green, and purple. The matching rod can be found in each room - each is mentioned explicitly in the description. You should give the player the option of negotiating with the occupants of the room if you wish (maybe the porcupines want some fresh flowers to eat, and will trade the rod for some, and so on). If the rods are put in the holes, a secret door opens in the middle of the rainbow which leads to stairs down.

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