Lisa's Mustang Photos

I've been driving since the early 80s and except for my very first car (which was a Pacer hand-me-down from my father which didn't last very long) I have always been driving Mustangs. I love them!

2001 Silver Mustang
I got this one when the '92 was breaking down, and it's been great. I do have to say that there is NO legroom in here and that when I drive with teenagers or above, it is very cramped. Also I really miss the true hatchback of previous models. I can't fit skiis in the back any more. I finally had to give it up because literally my teen son and his friends could not squash themselves into it any more as they grew.

1992 White Mustang
This Mustang was bought in white in St Louis, Missouri. It was a great deal but I never liked the pure white color. I finally broke down 2 years later and had it painted with blue stripes, which I loved. I wanted to keep this car forever, but it kept breaking down and finally I had to trade it in. The main issues were with the doors working properly and the hood closing.

(no photo yet)
1989 Grey Mustang
I got this to replace the smashed 88 black stang. It was a sedan style Mustang and a quite calm car after the sporty black one. At this point in my life I needed calm, though. It took me back and forth to St Louis several times until I moved there.

1988 Black Mustang
My first real car. I loved this car, and drove it quite a lot. Unfortunately one night I was working extremely late and didn't start driving home until maybe 1am. I fell asleep on the road and ran into a parked semi. I was EXTREMELY lucky that the semi stopped me from going off a quite steep cliff. The car was completely wrecked and it was only my seatbelt that kept me from being killed. WEAR YOUR SEATBELT.

Red Pacer
I throw the cute fishbowl in here just because it was so cute. It was my learning vehicle. I let a male friend of mine drive it once and he wanted to 'show me a trick', and he barely made it across a wooden bridge then slammed its rear end into a stone wall. Needless to say I never let him or anyone else drive it again. I was surprised my parents took the dent so calmly but I think they were just happy that I learned my lesson without being hurt. It ended up breaking down on the highway one afternoon.

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