The Apollo 11 mission was back in 1969. There are some who claim, 30 years later, that the entire mission was a hoax. Was it?

Where Are the Stars?
One common claim by hoax enthusiasts are that there aren't any stars in the on-moon images we see. This claim somehow says that because you're on the moon, it's going to look like it's dark with stars, because of course on Earth when we see the moon there are stars out too. The simple explanation that any photographer will tell you is that stars are faint. It's nearly impossible to take photos of stars when you *want* to. They don't show up because the exposure wasn't long enough to see them.

I've tried to take photos of stars for this site, to show constellations. It takes a REALLY long time with an open apeture before any stars start to show up.

The Landing was Too Gentle
The landing was DESIGNED to be gentle. You don't send up millions of dollars in equipment to a new location and then mash it down into the ground. Lunar gravity is only 1/6th of that on earth. With the lander's bottom being about 5' wide, and engine thrust was only 3,000 pounds as they lowered down. In fact they shut off engines while 6' up and then drifted the final feet. That's only 1 pound/square inch.

Piano: 75 pounds/square inch
Garden hose water: 40 pounds/square inch

The Flags Waving
There's no wind on the moon, so the flags had metal rods stuck in them to make them stand out. Any time they are in motion, it's either because an astronaut is actively moving it, has just finished actively moving it, or because blast from the rocket is blowing air at it.

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