Eclipses donīt happen every year - the last time I got to see a partial eclipse was in 1993, when I lived in St Louis Missouri! This year I was lucky enough to have the best viewing of the eclipse right in my rural home in Massachusetts. Unfortunately this meant there were a lot of trees around trying to get in the way, but it did make for lovely patterns. We have a great Meade telescope which we used to shine the eclipse on various objects.

Remember to NEVER look at an eclipse! Always use a telescope to shine the image onto paper. If you donīt have a telescope, you can either buy eclipse glasses, or you can make an easy eclipse viewer by poking a pinhole in a box, and looking at the image that pinhole creates on white paper.

These photos were all taken with my FD91 Sony digital camera. I *love* this camera - if youīre looking into digitals, the zoom and full features on this one are super.

It was really frigid this year - down to -20F with the wind chill - but it was well worth it to see something like this.

eclipse photo

eclipse photo

eclipse photo

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