One of the first constellations that many learn to recognize, Cassiopeia is the giant W visible all year. The constellation represents Queen Cassiopeia from Greek legends.

Queen Cassiopeia was married to Cephus, King of Etheopia. She was beautiful and vain, and after promising her daughter Andromeda to Perseus, she changed her mind and decided to have Agenor come and break up the wedding. Unfortunately for her, Perseus had just slain Medusa, and used the head to turn the wedding guests into stone. This included both parents. They were both then placed into the sky as constellations.

If you look at the W upside down, so it´s now a M slanting diagonally downward, the first line of the M is the Queen´s arm, resting on an armrest of a chair. The second line is her back. The third line (which is horizontal) is her bottom on the chair she´s sitting on. The final line is her legs down to the floor.

This constellation can be seen year round in both the evening and morning, usually low on the horizon.

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