Raiders of the Lost Ark

AFI Rank: #60
Year Released: 1981
Director: Stephen Spielberg
Actors: Harrison Ford, Karen Allen

The classic adventure film of the 40s returns - complete with dusty locations, cosmic goals and a love interest!

Lisa Says:
I love the Indiana Jones series. They were fantastic when they first came out, when I was a young teen, enjoying the fast paced action and sharp witty comments. They're equally great now that I'm older and can see the much deeper meaning in many of the interactions. The movie series does a fantastic job of both providing light, entertaining for the young ones as well as some quality character interactions for those who seek them.

Harrison Ford shines in a role which, in the hands of another actor, might have turned into a cliche. Well, it IS a cliche in the sense that the adventure guy acts as if he's in a video game - running, jumping and shooting his way out of trouble. But he's so much more. He has his doubts, his weaknesses. He knows what he's doing is very risky, and he judges his chances with an experienced eye before leaping into the fray.

I've seen these movies so many times that I'm very glad they're on DVD, where a tape is not wearing holes in it. There's always something new to spot in a situation. The little details tucked into the corners are just astounding.

Highly, highly recommended. This is a set that every home should own. You can pop it into the player at any time, with pretty much any crowd, and enjoy.

Male vs Female Actors
Harrison and Karen are both strong characters, both able to hold their own in a rough world. A great thing!

The Bechdel Test
I saw this movie many times, but not since learning about the Bechdel Test. I don't think the Karen character ever talks to any other female ...

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