Gone With the Wind

AFI Rank: #4
Year Released: 1939
Director: Victor Fleming
Actors: Vivian Leigh, Clark Cable

This book was a huge seller when it came out - a blockbuster. When the casting call went out for the movies, thousands begged for the chance just to be an extra in the movie.

Lisa Says:
What an amazing movie! I've watched this many times. The book is FAR more complex than the movie, but the book is huge and the movie had to be movie length. I really suggest reading the book sometime to see the full story. In any case, the story traces the life of a very spoiled Scarlett O'Hara who wants to have everything she wants. She decides that she wants all sorts of thing - but NOT the arrogant Rhett Butler. Rhett of course thinks he's the only man for Scarlett.

But this is far more than just a love story. There is the whole context of the changes the south went through during the Civil War - the lack of vision beforehand, the hardships they endured during the war and then the turmoil of reconstruction. The movie never seems like a history lesson. It remains entertaining and involving throughout.

Highly recommended!

Male vs Female Actors
Gone with the Wind definitely has several strong female actors in it, with great roles. It stands out for this.

The Bechdel Test
The female actors actually discuss issues other than men, such as surviving!

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