The Godfather

AFI Rank: #3
Year Released: 1972
Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Actors: Marlon Brando, Al Pacino

The beginning of a trilogy that defined the mob story for many. Michael Corleone is the son reluctantly drawn into his family's business, finding love, revenge, business and family to be very convoluted. This is a business with rules, and if rules are broken, consequences must be the result.

Lisa Says:
I'm not a big fan of violence but this story is so incredibly well told that the bloodshed seems integral. Vito Corleone is smuggled out of Sicily as his family is rocked by violence there. He tries to lead a quiet life in the Italian area of New York, but soon he is drawn into the underworld there and carves out a space for himself and his family. He tries to raise his children with honor and loyalty, but each child chooses his or her own path, all a result of this upbringing.

It's really amazing how much each character grows and changes over the course of this first movie. Al Pacino as Michael is truly brilliant, as is Marlon Brando as his father, Vito. The movie is about strong men who hold the course and the women who are content to be the rocks by their side. Michael's mother and wife are not allowed to participate in the family business. All they can do is pray for the souls of their loved ones.

Male vs Female Actors
You could say Michael's girlfriend is a good character, but really this movie is all about the males.

Bechdel Test
I'm not sure any women really ever talk with each other.

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