AFI Rank: #2
Year Released: 1942
Director: Michael Curtiz
Actors: Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman

Considered by many to be the finest love story ever told, Casablanca is set in northern Africa during World War II. Ingrid Bergman is the lost love of Humphrey Bogart - and he must help her and her husband escape the Nazis.

Lisa Says:
This movie is one that I can easily rewatch many, many times. The black and white medium is used brilliantly here, with the contrasts and shadows creating gorgeous scenery. Humphrey is classic as the man who fell in love, had his heart broken, then turning cynical and hard edged. But once he learns why his beloved Ingrid did what she did, he comes to understand and appreciate her situation. He risks everything he has built to help her move on to her new life.

Ingrid is equally as stunning here. She is a smart, savvy woman who loves both men equally for two different reasons. If the world could be ideal, she could have both by her side, both fulfilling different sides of her. She finds it almost impossible to choose, but Humphrey makes the choice for her.

The surrounding characters and situations are equally as sure-footed. Each character has flaws and qualities, is trying to get by in the rough situation of a frontier town. I highly recommend this one!

Male vs Female Actors
This movie does a great job of having two powerful characters who play off each other.

The Bechdel Test
I'm not sure Ingrid ever really talks with anyone.

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