I've been doing genealogy for quite a while now. A recent project, my boyfriend's, has ended up back in the 1500s with French Huguenots! They fled to Germany during the various religious fighting in France during that time frame, came back, and had to flee again to the US. Quite fun. Until 1818, Germany wasn't even "Germany" - it was controlled by the Holy Roman Empire and made up of plots of land that changed hands with the tide of power. This makes research interesting ...

Holy Roman Empire:
Rulers of Germany until 1818
I was born Elizabeth Jane Waller. Waller is a solid German family with centuries of history. Strangely enough, I have German heritage on both sides of my family! My mother, Ann, was born in Germany during the war. My father's Wallers, traced back to 1645 (long before the "German State" came into being) came over just before the 1900s in the person of my great-great-grandfather.

Maternal Germans

Ann Iwanciwsky, born 11.2.46 in Augsburg, Germany. This is in the southern section of Germany, by Munich. Born to Ukranian parents captured during the war, she had a poor childhood - one year having only tangerines for a Christmas present. Tangerines were special because it was rare to get tropical fruits in winter. She was envious of the large tree she saw decorated with sweets and nuts.

She went to a German nursery school, but was in an Ukranian immigrant section. During one Christmas pagent, she read a Ukranian poem.

When she was 5 they were sponsored by a friend, and took a boat over to the US. Women and men were separated for the voyage, even married couples. Her mother was ill, and conditions in general were truly awful.

Paternal Germans

Stade is about 30 miles northwest of Bremen
on the Elbe River. Butzeflether Moor is a few
miles due west of Stade. Blumenthal is just
NW of Bremen.
Klaus Waller: b1645 & Trine Hagenah, b1650.

Hinrich Waller, b1682 & Metta Cornelius

Jakob Waller, b~1714 Blumenthal & Anne Marie Caars

Hinrich Waller, b09 Aug 1737 Blumenthal & Trine Jentzen

Jakob Waller, b 25 Oct 1778 Butzeflether Moor & Gessha Maus b 11 Apr 1784 Butzeflether Moor.

Klaus Waller, b 10 Aug 1817 Butzeflether Moor & Anna Rebecca Louise Winter b ~1828 Stade

The German Wallers finally came to the US in Carl Johann Friedrich Waller, who was born 22 Oct 1859 Stade, and came to Chicago.

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