Basic Ukrainian Words

I am not going to try to show the "Ukrainian word" for each of these words. I'm not good with various keyboards and character sets to try to visually show the letters. Instead, and I realize this might be a pain for some people, I am going to show the English letter phonetic version of the word. It is the best I can do to try to make this page work.

Yes - tak
No - ni

Hello - privyit (Mom says she never said this, it was too formal, like saying "Greetings" to someone)
Good morning - dobre ranok (Mom says she never said this either, it was just "day" in the morning)
Good afternoon / Good day - dobre dein
Good evening - dobre veche
Goodbye - do pobachinya (until we see each other again) / do svidanya (until we meet again)

Please - bood laska (eastern Ukraine) / proshu (western Ukraine)
Thank you - yaka you
Thank you very much - duzhe yaka you
Sorry - vuya bechteh

Left - nalivo
Right - napravo

Telephone - telephone (easy!!)
Water - voda
Milk - moloko
Coffee - cava
Beer - pivo
Wine - vino

House - deem
Bed - lizshko
Bathroom - lazshnya

Car - avtomobile

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