Vito Pesce, Bari, Italy

My Great great Grandfather's name was Vito Pesce. He was From Bari, Italy and died on january 1, 1909-10. His wife, Cecelia Zigarelli died around january 21, 1909-10.

they had 7 children: Maria, Rose, John [giovanni], Catherine, Anna, Rocco and Steven.

Catherine was my Great- grandmother. She married Guiseppi Guisti. They had 3 children: Domenic, Anna and Incoranata. Guiseppi died on April 21, 1910 when his youngest daughter, Incoranata, was 2 years old.

Catherine's sister, Anna, had married Nicholas Granieri and moved to Providence, RI where she died [date unknown]. In 1921, when Catherine was 48, she came to America, with her 2 daughters[domenic followed 6 months later] to marry Nicholas. Nicholas had 5 children of his own: Lena, Jennie, Vito, Etta and Joseph.

Anna Guisti was my Grandmother and she married Guiseppi DiSalvia.

Betty DiSalvia

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