Genealogical Sources

These links are ones I've actively used in my own research. Hopefully people looking in the same area for relatives will find them to be helpful!

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On Line: General
Hints for Finding Someone
Sutton, MA on line

On Line: Ireland
Resources about Cork, Ireland
Irish Genealogical Society Int'l

Mallow Heritage Center
27-28 Bank Place
Mallow, Co. Cork

National Archives of Ireland
Bishop Street
Dublin, 8
10-5 M-F

Off Line Sources


N. Attleboro Town Hall
Clerk: 508/699-0108
M-F 8am-4pm, Thu to 7pm
past Emerald Square Mall, 2 mi on L
became separate N. Attleboro in 1887

N. Attleboro Public Library
Hours: 8-8:30 M,T,Th; 8-3 W+F, 9-4:30 Sat
Town Registers from 1911, Sun Chronicle same

Attleboro Town Hall
152 North Main Street
Hours: 8:30-4:30 Mon - Fri

Attleboro Public Library
Hours: 8:30-8:30 M-Th, -4:30 Fr, Sat
74 N. Main Street
papers from late 1800s.

Taunton Town Hall
9-5 Mon-Fri
95 - 24 - 44, into center

Plainville Town Hall
508/695-3010, #20
M-Th 8-4:30, Mon also 5-8pm.

Framingham Public Library
They have ALL Mass birth/death/marriage books before 1850!!
Plus all shipping list 'compilation books'

New Bedford City Hall
8-4 Mon-Fri
133 William Street
New Bedford, MA 02140 $10/request

National Archives (Boston)
380 Trapelo Road
Waltham, MA 02154
M-F 8-4:30, 1st Sat same
pike - 128N, 28a, E 2.8M on right
National Census, shipping records, military records

Other States

Cumberland, RI City Hall
401/728-2400, x4
Hours: 8:30-4:30 M-F
Broad Street, x10 from 295
NOTE! Records must be OVER 100 years old

Portland, ME City Hall
Clerk: 207/874-8481
M-F 8-5, Thu -7
389 Congress Ave
Portland, ME 04102 $5/request

Chicago, IL
Cook County Vital Records
PO Box 642570
Chicago, IL 60664-2570
312/443-7788 $10/request

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