Tiger Circus Cage Clock

The first thing she saw when she woke up, the last thing she saw when she went to bed, Lisa's Tiger Circus Cage Clock was a mainstay of her life through elementary school. It was an orange cube on four "wheels", set up to look like a wheeled animal cage on a circus train. The front face had a cartoon style tiger image on it. It had ridged knobs to set the volume and radio station.

The alarm would make a loud CLICK as it activated, before it started blaring. Lisa got so attuned to it that just the clicking noise would be enough to wake her up immediately, to get the alarm turned off. She would listen to Imus in the Morning coming in from New York.

Tiger Circus Cage Clock

Lisa's looked everywhere for this clock as an adult but apparently they don't make them any more!

Here is a photo of her bedroom in Willimantic, where she grew up. The clock would have sat on the corner of the dresser in the background. Oddly it's not there in this image - or perhaps it's the blurry shape behind what appears to be a small purse? You can see the fishtank that held the notorious "petted fish". Lisa and her sister once took the fish out of the tank to pet it and accidentially dropped it. They had to try to get it back into its tank.

1970s bedroom

Doren (left) and Lisa (right) are giving a puppet show in this photo. The toy chest in the back right (off-photo) was made for Lisa by her godfather, Paul! This was an interesting room in that it had no door. It was originally a "playroom" and was wide open to the hallway.

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