Brody, Ukraine: History

Eva's parents were Sydor Makowsky and Maria Chomich. They married in Brody, Ukraine
Eva Makowsky Sydorovna was born 18-Feb-1910 in Brody Ukraine (Zavecka). She left for Augsburg Germany around 1938. She later married Ivan Mulik (of Horodenka, Ukraine)

Brody is in the district (oblast) of Lviv. It is a very flat area, and the name Brody means "ford". It's near the Styr river, at a ford. From 1584 to 1772 it was Polish. In 1772 it became Austrian. From 1919 - 1939 it was Polish again, and in 1939 it was absorbed into the USSR. In 1991 it became Ukrainian.

In the 1880s, the Russian government started cracking down on Jews because of the assassination of Tsar Alexander II (see Fiddler on the Roof). Brody was in Austria at the time. The Jews poured over the border of Russia into Brody for safety. Out of a population of 25,000 people, there were 15,000 jews and by May 1882 there were another 12,000 Jewish refugees. After a few years the refugees dispersed on the trains to the US and other European countries.

Eva left Brody in 1938. The Germans began attacking in Sept 1939 - Brody was now in the USSR - and in June 1941 the Germans rolled in. They took note of the large Jewish population in Brody and shot many of them. They whittled the Jewish population down to 6,000 and tossed them into a ghetto, until they could get around to sending them off to death camps.

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