Insects and Gardens

Insects and Gardens by Eric Grissell is a solid primer on how to help your garden grow the natural way. It helps you keep track of which insects assist your plants, and which ones are going to cause trouble.

The book starts with the basics - just what is an insect? What are the different types, and how do you tell them apart? There are gorgeous photos here, which help you really understand what is being explained.

Then we get on into the garden-care section. the book provides great advice. For example buying ladybugs in a box, as fun as it might seem, is apparently not very helpful - they tend to all just try to "fly home" and leave your garden the way it was.

We learn about habitat diversity - by planning out the garden so that we have a natural habitat that encourages "good" bugs, we let the local, natural beneficial bugs take care of any problems they find. By removing stagnant water, we help to minimize the problem of mosquitoes.

There is a lot of practical advice. For example, sure you want to plant flowers that butterflies love to eat. However, if you really want butterflies around, you need to plant flowers that their LARVAE will eat so the butterflies stay and lay their eggs here.

There's even a section about stings and bites, to help you manage any accidental encounters.

Well recommended!

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