Window Origami
Origami is the perfect way to decorate any area of the home or office. It is small, light, and can be personalized to exactly match the colors and passions of the person whose area it will reside in.

Origami Cranes

Cranes are the traditional emblem of love, because in Japanese culture the crane symbolizes honor and loyalty. Learn More about the Crane in Origami

You can hang an origami crane at your desk, hang origami balls in your windows, decorate your shelves with origami flowers. There is an origami shape, size and color for every nook and cranny. You can give your loved ones origami creations to commemerate special occasions, or buy an origami shape for yourself just because you deserve it.

Origami Cranes

Origami Cranes

Origami Cranes

Hanging Cranes used as Wedding Reception Favors

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