3 Foot String of Origami Cranes
This string of origami cranes has ten cranes within a 3 Foot length. For this project I did a rainbow of strings in fuchsia, orange, yellow, dark green, dark blue, and violet. Each string used clear crystal beads to provide unity. They were done with fishing line to give the cranes a floating appearance.

The cranes can be made with any color or pattern style of paper. You can also upgrade to textured paper and gemstone beads if you wish.

Rainbows of strings of origami cranes

rainbow String of Origami Cranes

Green string of origami cranes

green String of Origami Cranes

Yellow string of origami cranes

yellow String of Origami Cranes

Fuchsia string of origami cranes

fuchsia String of Origami Cranes

Purple string of origami cranes

purple String of Origami Cranes

Orange string of origami cranes

orange String of Origami Cranes

Blue string of origami cranes

blue String of Origami Cranes

Price per 10-crane string: $30.00

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