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In a modern day world of email and cell phone calls, it's hard to create a message that truly is treasured. Email is deleted, cell phone chats are quickly forgotten. But a love note written on a gorgeous origami creation is treasured forever, and holds a place of honor in your loved one's world.

Origami Cranes You can write your love note on the underside of a crane's wings, or ask that a special message or poem be inscribed within the origami creation itself. This of course would mean the destruction of the object in order to read the message, so it is suggested that for truly special messages you write the message on the outside or have it accompany the origami.

Cranes are the traditional sign of love, because in Japanese culture the crane symbolizes honor and loyalty. Learn More about the Crane in Origami

Send origami notes to your long distance love, or give a note a week to someone you wish to draw more fully into your life. Origami boxes can hold small tokens of your affection. Please contact us to learn more about how we can perfectly match your emotions with an origami creation!

Origami Crane We were together
Only a little while,
And we believed our love
Would last a thousand years.


Romantic Quotes and Haiku

It is my desire to bring origami sales to every corner of the globe, to spread the fun and joy of origami to any fan of Japanese paper folding! If you would like to buy an origami shape not represented here, please contact me for purchase details. I have numerous books on origami and should be able to create a shape that fits your needs. I can create origami cats, origami dogs, origami birds, origami fish, and many other creatures and objects.

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