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Patterns can be great to use in conjunction with solid colored origami or just on their own. I have patterns that are elegant, patterns in soft, pastel colors, patterns that are traditional and modern. Patterned origami paper is traditionally called Chiyogami. Originally this was done with wood block printing techniques, but in modern days it is silkscreened or printed.

Remember that an origami creation is folded, so that you will not be seeing the "whole pattern" on any part of it. The thin stripes of paper showing in these pictures give you a good sense of the partial bits of pattern that will be visible on the various sides of your origami object. On a crane, the longest surfaces will be the long wings.

We also have Single Color Origami Paper available.

Origami paper
Pinks (Click for Larger View)

Origami paper
Reds (Click for Larger View)

Origami paper
Purples (Click for Larger View)

Origami paper
Violets (Click for Larger View)

Origami paper
Yellows (Click for Larger View)

Origami paper
Blues (Click for Larger View)

Origami paper
Greens (Click for Larger View)

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