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Foils are much harder to fold than standard paper, because it creases VERY easily and is also quite stiffer than normal paper. It is well worth the effort, though! It gives an elegant, metallic look to any shape folded. Silver and gold especially are treasured in our cultures for their innate meaning. Gold is the symbol of eternal strength and love.

You will note that I put a candle on the foil to hold it down for these photos. The candle isn't part of the origami :) Foil paper is sort of 'puffy' when it comes out of its package, and the candle is simply to hold the foil squares flat for these pictures.

Origami foil paper
Foil Colors (Click for Larger View)

The shiny patterned foil paper is available in red, blue, green, silver and gold. There is an almost holographic design on this paper.

Origami foil paper
Foil Golds and Silvers (Click for Larger View)

I have three types of gold and silver paper shown in the above image. The bottom two are straightforward silver and gold with no design. The middle two are matte crinkle paper (called momi) which looks gorgeous for special events. The upper two are the holographic design style foil paper as featured above. There is also a fourth style I can get - it's not in this photo but it's shown below. it is gold or silver with a subtle cross-hatching pattern.

To see the difference in a folded item, examine the two golden cranes below. They are made from different styles of gold foil paper.

Origami foil paper

Origami foil paper
Matte Crinkled Gold Foil
Origami foil paper
Shiny Patterned Gold Foil

Because of the high cost of foil paper, and the innate difficulty of folding foil into a shape, using foil paper adds an additional 50 cent charge to each item folded.

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