Shel Silverstein lived from 1930 to 1999. In that time he won world renown for his writings and poetry, which ranged from serious to quite funny. Some of his best known works are his collections of poetry:

Where the Sidewalk Ends - 1974
A Light in the Attic - 1982
Falling Up - 1996

He is also well known for The Giving Tree, a book which tells of a boy and a tree, and their relationship with each other. It is a very symbolic story which many have interpreted in many different ways.

Shel won many awards for his works, and the hearts of both children and adults. For many, Shel's works drew them into the world of poetry, making it not a serious topic to study, but a fun material to enjoy reading and repeating to others.

Shel's works are still under copyright and cannot be shown on the web. Learn more about Poetry Copyrights if you don't understand why. You can easily buy his famous works:

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