JM Synge was born in 1871 near Dublin, Ireland. He went to Trinity College, then travelled in Germany and France. He became friends with WB Yeats and lived in the Aran Islands for a while, writing the stories "The Aran Islands" as a result.

Synge is known for his peasant tragedies, including "In the Shadow of the Glen" and "Riders to the Sea". The latter is known among his best works, pitting the hearty Irish natives against the sea which surrounds them. Synge also wrote sharp comedies which upset many Irish who did not appreciate his humor. There were in fact riots when the play was performed both in Dublin and in Philadelphia.

Synge passed away at a young age in 1909.

The Plays of JM Synge

Here is a poem by JM Synge:


Still south I went and west and south again,
Through Wicklow from the morning till the night,
And far from cities, and the sights of men,
Lived with the sunshine, and the moon's delight.

I knew the stars, the flowers, and the birds,
The grey and wintry sides of many glens,
And did but half remember human words,
In converse with the mountains, moors, and fens.

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